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University Counseling Services

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Walk-in Clinic

The Walk-in Clinic offers free clinical consultations to students without a scheduled appointment. Sessions are on a first-come, first served basis and can last 60-90 minutes.


The Walk-in Clinic is staffed by a front desk attendant, counselor and intern. Students can complete the necessary paperwork, screening and brief consult by phone or in person.


If a student is waiting in the Walk-in Clinic waiting room after 2 p.m., no further walk-in sessions will be available that day. Students will be asked if there is another time they can come in within the next few day or if they would like to schedule a day and time for their screening.


The on-call crisis counselor assists with consultations when available, but they are not scheduled screenings due to the need to have them available when a student in crisis comes in. Students can see the on-call counselor if it is a crisis, but it would not be a screening.


Students may utilize the Walk-in Clinic for anything they are struggling with. Students tend to discuss losing a loved one, helping a friend in distress, questions about counseling and mental health, communication issues with spouse or partner and intrusive thoughts or unwanted behaviors.


The Walk-in Clinic does not provide learning disability evaluations, ADHD assessments or letters recommending emotional support animals.

What to Expect at a Walk-in Session

A walk-in session will begin with completing paperwork (20-25 minutes). Next, the student will sit down with a UCS staff member for a screening (30-40 minutes). After that, the student will go through a brief consultation to determine the best course of action for the circumstances. Students may receive a referral for counseling services on or off campus or a referral to campus resources (10 minutes).


Looking for more help?

If you are looking to start ongoing counseling or are in need of crisis counseling services, please stop by the Student Counseling Center, or contact our front desk.

After 5 p.m. on weekdays, weekends and holidays, a counselor may be contacted through the OSU Police Department.


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