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University Counseling Services has partnered with BetterHelp to offer virtual and/or message-based counseling services for OSU students.


Contact University Counseling Services to learn more about using BetterHelp.

BetterHelp FAQs

  • How much does BetterHelp cost?

    OSU students are eligible to receive six free sessions per fiscal year (July-June) with BetterHelp. After six sessions, students will receive a discounted rate on sessions moving forward (discount varies depending on location).

  • How much does the service cost after the six free sessions?

    Following the six free sessions, further discounted services with BetterHelp will cost between $168 and $252 per month and is billed in 4-week blocks.

    Contact UCS to see if you qualify for additional assistance or services following your free sessions.

  • Who is eligible to use BetterHelp?

    Currently enrolled OSU students from all campuses (including distance learning students) are eligible for six free sessions with BetterHelp.


    During summer semesters, returning students are eligible for counseling if enrolled in summer or fall courses.

  • When can I start using BetterHelp?

    You're eligible to use BetterHelp at any time if you:

    • Are a returning OSU-Stillwater student
    • Are enrolled in classes for the fall semester
    • Have completed a screening with University Counseling Services


    Once a screening with UCS is completed, first year students can start using BetterHelp as early as their first day of classes.


    A screening is not required for distance learning students who are out-of-state.


    Call the UCS office at 405-744-5458 to verify your eligibility and request a link to BetterHelp.

  • How do I get connected with BetterHelp?

    In-state students must complete a 30-minute screening with UCS. After the screening, UCS will send you an email that provides you with access to BetterHelp.


    A screening is not required for distance learning students who are out-of-state. If this applies to you, please call the UCS office to gain access to BetterHelp.

  • What does the BetterHelp process look like?

    Shortly after completing the screening with UCS, the student will receive an email, giving them access to BetterHelp. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be matched with a counselor within 72 hours.


    Your six free sessions will be billed to OSU. No payment information is required when creating your BetterHelp account unless you’d like to continue using their services.

  • Can I use BetterHelp anonymously?

    To receive free sessions through BetterHelp, students must connect with the University Counseling Services. However, anything that occurs following the initial referral is kept confidential within BetterHelp and not shared or communicated with OSU or any other outside entities.

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