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Student Counseling Center

The Student Counseling Center (SCC) offers services that include individual, group, grief and substance abuse counseling. The SCC also offers a virtual walk-in clinic (Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.) and crisis counseling.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

The Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center (ASAC) is committed to providing quality, confidential services for OSU students affected by problems related to substance abuse. We promote and provide innovative, campus-based services that improve well-being and quality of life. The goal of the ASAC is to help students maximize their potential by supporting their intellectual, personal and social growth.

Stress Relief/ Reboot

Feeling Tired? Worried? Restless? Irritable?
OSU's Reboot Center in the Student Union features free high-tech computer games and programs to help you unwind. The programs use the latest stress management technology to monitor your stress and relaxation levels, helping you learn to lower your stress level normally.

Support Groups & Services

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