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Grief can be so painful and overwhelming, it often frightens us. Many people worry if they are grieving the “right way” and wonder if the feelings they have are normal.

Most people who suffer a loss experience one or more of the following:

  • Feeling numb as though the loss is not real, that it did not actually happen
  • Need to tell, retell and remember things about the loved one and the experience of their death
  • A feeling of tightness in the throat or heaviness in the chest
  • An empty feeling in their stomach and loss of appetite
  • Mixed feelings that may include sadness, anger, guilt or relief
  • Feelings of restlessness and difficulty concentrating
  • Sensing the loved ones presence, like finding themselves expecting the person to walk in the door at the usual time, hearing their voice or seeing their face
  • Wandering aimlessly, forgetting what they are doing and do not finish things they have started
  • Difficulty sleeping and dreaming of their loved one frequently
  • Assuming mannerisms or traits of their loved one
  • Experiencing an intense preoccupation with the life of the deceased
  • Feeling guilty or angry over things that happened or didn’t happen in the relationship with the deceased
  • Feeling intensely angry at the loved one for leaving them
  • Feeling as though they need to take care of other people who seem uncomfortable around them by politely not talking about their feelings of loss
  • Feeling their mood change over the slightest things
  • Crying at unexpected times

These are all natural and normal grief responses.

It is important to cry and talk with people when you need to.

Student Counseling Center
320 Student Union
Stillwater, OK 74078
405-744-5472 phone
405-744-8380 fax

Hours: M-F, 8 a.m. -- 5 p.m.

If you are a student in crisis, an on-call counselor is available. After 5 p.m. and weekends, counseling staff may be reached by contacting the OSU Police, 405-744-6523.

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