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OSU Labryinths

Oklahoma State University (OSU) is one of the first universities in the United States to have two labyrinths: the Botanic Garden Labyrinth and Morrill Labyrinth.

A labyrinth is a unicursive path that offers potential wellness, healing and relaxation benefits. Labyrinths have been in existence for more than 4,000 years and are found in every culture, every time period and virtually every religion around the world. Labyrinths are not mazes. There are no dead ends. You cannot get lost in a labyrinth.

Experiencing a Labyrinth

As you walk a labyrinth, you may decide to pause along the path. The walk is yours. There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth–no expected or prescribed outcome. Along the path, you may encounter other walkers and choose to step aside to allow others to pass and resume your walk at your own pace. You will bring your own journey to the labyrinth and leave with your own perceptions of your time spent within the labyrinth.


Labyrinths provide an opportunity for self-care and healing. Labyrinths inspire creative thinking and promote inner wisdom. Moving through a labyrinth is a type of walking meditation.

Meditative Walking

  • Simple, no new skills necessary
  • Free
  • Available to everyone–children to adults–any fitness, ability or wellness level.
  • Increased mindfulness
  • Believed to decrease stress, symptoms of anxiety, depression and distress
  • Used for healing grief and loss
  • Found to have benefits for healing hypertension, heart disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, cancer recovery and gastrointestinal symptoms/disease
  • Increased feelings of well-being, self-compassion and self-esteem
  • While, it is believed bilateral, rhythmic motion is part of the reason walking a labyrinth is therapeutic, labyrinths can be used by those using assistive technology such as wheelchairs, children riding trikes and by following the path with the eyes or tracing a small labyrinth with a finger

Labyrinth at the Botanic Garden

The labyrinth at the OSU Botanic Garden, designed by David Brown, OSU Coordinator of Landscape Design Services, uses an ancient Cretan design formed by carving a path through the Oklahoma natural landscape. The Botanic Garden labyrinth is free and open to the public.

OSU Botanic Garden
3300 West 6th Street
Stillwater, OK 74075
Open dawn to dusk

Morrill Labyrinth

The Morrill labyrinth, designed by David Brown, OSU Coordinator of Landscape Design Services, incorporates three spirals rotated around a center point to create three sides: mind, body, spirit. Experience the labyrinth by walking from bench to bench in a swooping pattern beginning at the Roman numeral I bench and moving toward II, then III and so forth. The labyrinth is free and open to the public as well as ADA compliant.

Morrill Labyrinth
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078
Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Student Counseling Center
320 Student Union
Stillwater, OK 74078
405-744-5472 phone
405-744-8380 fax

Hours: M-F, 8 a.m. -- 5 p.m.

If you are a student in crisis, an on-call counselor is available. After 5 p.m. and weekends, counseling staff may be reached through the OSU Police,405-744-6523.

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